I was born and raised in Australia, swept off my feet by a Yankee, and now reside in California with my husband of 20 years.  We have seven children ages 10 {girl}, 8 {girl}, 7 {girl}, 6 {boy}, 4 {girl}, 2 {girl}, and 3 months {girl}.  We were married 10 years and 3 weeks when our first baby entered our world and changed our lives forever.  I love motherhood and am grateful to God for joining me and my ever-sweet husband to journey this life together.  He has shown me God's character continuously over the years and being married to him has changed me, grown me, and strengthened me.  We are close to finishing our first {official} year of homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason method and AmblesideOnline.com curriculum.

About Hayley

Favourite Quotes

"The first thing a baby girl touches is your heart ... and that changes everything" {when our first daughter was born}



"Let your conversation be always gracious." (Col. 4:6)



It is not how old you are, but how you are old. -Jules Renard {because I was 30 when our first daughter was born and my husband was 39}



"Your first breath, took ours away" {when our son was born}

Charlotte Mason

"The child's dignity as an individual made in God's image is respected. Education means connection between the child and the world around him. Outdoor life is emphasized. Focused attention at short lessons provide free time for personal pursuits. Living books and narration allow the child to process ideas. Copywork teaches handwriting. Course of study is teacher-directed, but learning is the student's job."  -Leslie L. at Archipelago7.blogspot.com

Education is an atmosphere,
a discipline, a life.

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